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Brookstom Creek

Angela & Robert

"We have almost 12 luxurious acres and a dream to share it with loving couples."

In 2013, Angela and Robert decided that they could offer a unique opportunity to couples who want to have an outdoor wedding. They began the process to obtain permits and become licensed in Buckley and Pierce County.

Whether it is a farm style wedding, or a sophisticated affair, Brookstom Creek will help you make your dream wedding a reality. You can plan a rustic event and use hay bales for seating, or chairs covered with classic fabric for a romantic affair.


When you book your wedding event, you will chose from our packages that include your rehearsal. Select from our budget friendly "Sweet and Savory" package to our supreme "Crowning" package, or you can customize by creating your own with our additional services. Enhance your celebration with a unique foothills backdrop and our small farm animal viewing area. Brookstom Creek provides ongoing professional services with attention to detail for every dream wedding celebration.

Our intimate venue allows you a stress free wedding in our spectacular location. You are invited to tour the spacious grounds to start planning your gorgeous photo shoot among the variety of options available. You can choose settings in the luscious green fields, tall wheat grass, shaded couples swing or vast foothills as a picturesque backdrop. Your choices are endless.

You can plan an intimate affair or a larger event and invite all your family and friends. The grounds are fully accessible for ADA guests.

Knowing your wedding will be a short drive from the major cities, yet remote enough to appreciate the tranquility that the country. You will relax and savor your special day knowing your guests will enjoy celebrating a memorable occasion with you. 

Brookstom Creek offers additional unique opportunities for you and your guest to enjoy.


Privately owned and operated. 

Contact Robert or Angela and book your dream wedding today. 


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